Bo Büll Flower Design

This Danish flower design brand is based in Copenhagen. 

Enter a world of flowers arranged in beautiful ways. Our lively, nature-inspired tablelamps are a perfect match for these lovely flower arrangements.

Boutique Chance

Discover this lovely jewelry store in Paris.

Walk by and fall in love with the cluster of glass and crystal pendants. Smykke being inspirered by sparkly earrings is without a doubt a fine match for this cute boutique store combined with small Rowan pendants.


Mauboussin jewellery stores

The exclusive Mauboussin jewellery stores are located in Paris, Singapore and many other cities worldwide.

Upon entering the store on Avenue des Champs-Élysées in the heart of Paris you are immediately on an escape, stepping into a luxurious and encaptulating world. Geniusly placed in the window or above the display cases the blue with copper Lutes serve a multi purpose of providing light, atmosphere and beauty.


Carsten Schulze Lebensräume

This intriguing interior and furniture store is located in Kitzbühel, Austria. 

The store showcases a great display of our lighting. Take a look at the stunning cluster with Smykke, Rowan and Lute pendants. Or discover the Pillar table lamp with a beautiful grey fabric shade. 

Abelux La Casa De La Lamparas

This avant-garde lighting store is found in the middle of Barcelona, Spain.

The shop often has on different and excentric displays in its store windows. Our Rowan wall lamps have become a part of the stores interesting sense of style on display with toiletseats. 

Bérengère Leroy Paris

This lovely parisian shop has a chic and cosy atmosphere. Lightful Rowans, clusters of Lutes and elegant crystal pendants decorate the space and complement the soft pillows quite well.

BERENGERE LEROY is a Bohemian chic interior design company with 40 distributors, a showroom in Saint Remy De Provence and a shop at Place des Victoires in Paris.


Suit Supply

With stores from Beijing, to Copenhagen, to Silicon Valley the Dutch menswear store is truly global.

The Rowan lights have become a delightful obsession. They possess an overwhelming beauty whether styled in a pair or cluster and in their various colours suiting the local interior and taste.

Beauty Center Annick

This cute beauty center is located in Belgium.

The power of colours is clearly expressed in the cluster of glass Rowans in bright coral, smokey grey, blue and forest green. It brightens up the white walls and interior and corresponds perfectly with a variety of colours among the beauty products.

The project was completed by Lightpoint, Belgium.

OU Boutique stories

OU Boutiques Stories is a Dutch chain of fashion stores, these images are from the Amsterdam store.

Look behind the counter there is a sea of lights, it's Rowan, it's Pillar, sorrounded by white and golden colours and green plants or branches. The translucent, striped pendants create a sparkly, warm effect.


Ablinger is an inspirational kitchen and home store located in Austria.

Horizons in a cluster of two are ideal kitchen lights. Placed over the kitchentable or dinnertable they distribute light over the entire space. A calm light enforced by the oval shape that also makes the design pleasing to the eye. Lute has made its way into the bathroom - one small, one large. 

Ablinger store in Mondsee, Austria.


BOYA is a floral lifestyle store founded in 2018 in Paris Rive Gauche, near the famous Le Bon Marché.

More than a flower shop, BOYA offers a selection of fin vases, decorations, antiques and even jewelries, all with a nature inspiration. The combination of light coral, obsidian, forest green and topaz blue echo the colors of flower petals.

Morandin Regali

The breathtaking showroom in Treviso in Italy encaptulates the true shine and beauty of our lights.

Clusters of Lutes and dangling Horizon and Rowan pendants provide great inspiration for both small and grand projects. By the window they attract attention and lure in the wandering eyes of anyone passing by.

Oltretendenza Design

This design store is located in Sommacampagna in Verona, Northern Italy.

Enter and be met with dazzling lights and wonderful inspiration for your home, restaurant or hotel. The small Rowans are placed in a corner where they in the most whimsically way present both beauty, colour and happiness. The georgeous Horizon pendants are placed in a kitchen environment placing emphasis on how the design can bright up any space. 


The store in Lithuania is lit up by several beautiful pendants. Hanging by the window and catching attention. The cluster of lights include Smykke, Rowan and Futura in crystal versions as well as Futura glass pendants. 

Wilhelmine Delikatessen

This adorable delicacy store is located in the German town Seeheim-Jugenheim.

Colourful in their might the smokey grey, olive and obsidian Pillar pendants blend in with the delicious variety of delicacies. The dimpled surface and edgy shape add a touch of modern elegance to the space.