Smykke: Highlights of a clear cut beauty

A new addition to the Smykke collection

The 2019 German Design Award winner, Smykke, has been transformed from a pendant into a wall lamp. The result is beautiful, romantic and exclusive. The new design also offers the option to mix and match colours and crystal in the two-pieced lamp. The luxurious design is ideal for hotel, restaurant and home lighting.

The Smykke wall lamp is available in pure crystal or glass editions, as well as in combinations of the two materials.

Smykke does it again!

The LIT Design Awards was created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. EBB & FLOW received an honorable mention at the LIT Awards 2019. The title was awarded for the pendant design Smykke. 

Obsidian beauty

Indulge your home with the beauty of our new Smykke collection. 

Smykke means jewellery in Danish and just as you would decorate yourself with a piece of jewellery, these delicate lamps are meant to decorate spaces, while adding an uplifting touch to your experience. 

Obsidian is colourful but low-key at the same time. By itself it will immediately catch your attention, but combined with other elements it will express a more silent beauty. 

Rise of golden smoke

Extend the nature of your decoration with a luxurious experience. 

The collection is inspired by a fascination with precious sparkly earrings. The pendant lamp is set with two individual pieces of mouth-blown glass to resemble this earring-like feature. 

Golden smoke adds a warm feeling to the Smykke pendant. Combined with crystal and gold fittings you can create a rather magnificent atmosphere. 

Clear cut crystal

Discover the options with a crystal based Smykke pendant - it's a clear cut beauty!

The collection provides various oppurtunities that you can implement in your decoration style. Take a glass ball in obsidian combined with silver fittings and you can add a dramatic edge to your otherwise traditional crystal pendant. 

Crystal is perfect for decorating as it will blend with all other colours in your space.