Group of 7 crystal pendants gold

Group of 7 crystal pendants gold
  • LA101119
  • LA101119-1
  • Fatning_Guld
7.378,00DKK DKK 5.902,40DKK DKK Item number: LA101119

Group of 7 single crystal pendants, Bates, Jeeves, Sybil, Cognac, Gayle, Edgar, Henley.
The lamp is fitted with a G9 fittings, and 2m round gold wires and gold metal ceiling rose.

Bates: 15cmH Ø7cm
Jeeves: 13cmH Ø7,5cm
Sybil: 19cmH Ø4,3cm
Cognac: 9cmH Ø9cm
Gayle: 13cmH Ø8cm
Edgar: 10cmH Ø8,5cm
Henley: 13cmH Ø8cm

Bulb not included. Fits G9 LED bulb only !
Ceiling rose: 11cmH Ø14cm