Fabric shade Ø17,5cm 12cmH branches ochre

Fabric shade Ø17,5cm 12cmH branches ochre
  • Sh101022-A
  • SH101022-A-arm
  • Sh101022-A-wire
490,00DKK DKK 392,00DKK DKK Item number: SH101022-A

The branches lampshade can be used as a shade for our wall unit or as a hanging pendant lamp.


The shade is sold without wire unit or wall unit, these can be purchased separately.


Colour: Ochre.

Pattern: Branches.

Fabric: 100% Linen.


Measurements:  Ø17,5cm and 12cmH

Fitting size: E14

Wire unit and wall unit not included.

Note: The displayed image is only an example and the individual shade may vary depending on the repeat pattern of the fabric.