Rowan: A unique classic

Explosion of colours

New tones has been added to the Rowan collection. We are introducing the popular pendant and wall lamp design in an explosion of colours in nuances that are earthy, opulent and cool: toast, angry sea, ruby, pool blue and chameleon. 

The mouth-blown, transparent glass expresses the mood of the colours with beautiful subtlety. You can really spoil your home with these new colours that will easily match your modern kitchen or living room décor. The classic Rowan wall lamp has been re-designed and is now available with a new contemporary wall fitting.

A breath of fresh air

Angry Sea is like a breath of fresh air. The colour is energising and natural. Like the air and the sea it evokes the essence of untamed ocean waves. Combine the new colour with our classic Golden smoke, Bright Coral or Obsidian. 

A moment of relaxation

Pool blue brings to mind holiday, beachesand palm trees reflected in the water. The cool colour is a boost of live, joy and happiness. Combine your statement blue with other tones of Blue as well as Crystal. 

Colours in disguise

Dreamy rainbows and chameleons that change their colour to blend in. Our Chameleon has a mysterious and capturing appeal meant to dazzle the eye. Chameleon goes well with Chestnut Brown, Olive and Ruby.