Hemels Vught Restaurant

In the Dutch town Vught is a church called St. Petrus. The restaurant Hemels Vught has been established in the old church. The restaurant has a warm and luxurious appearance with its vintage elements.

The smokey grey and mother-of-pearl grey coloured Pillar pendants hanging above each table complements the luxurious vintage style with its warm light. 

The project was facilitated by POP Light. 

Bunt Restaurant

In the heart of Zurich, by the railroad station, is the Bunt restaurant. This space is colourful both in terms of its modern interior, its food and its urban guests.

Look up and you will see a dazzling sky of Horizons. Try to count them all - there are 130 beauties in various colours. This project captures the essence of our vision by creating a one of a kind atmosphere that you could stay in for hours.

Project facilitator: ISS Facility Services.

Restaurante Bistró Huerta De Carabana

Bistró Huerta De Carabana is a delicate restaurant located in Madrid, Spain.

The interior space is constructed by several incredible layers, from brown golden walls, to blue velvet chairs, green plants, white cloth tables and to our golden smoke coloured Lute lamps.

Beautifully placed at each table the Lutes manage to blend into this comprehensive space while attracting attention at the same time.


Café Antoinette

In Regensburg lies a beautiful castle called St. Emmeram. It is owned by the noble family Thurn and Taxis that are well-known in Germany.

Inside is a marvellous café where you can dine while feeling a bit royal. Our Rowan pendants are glowing in a smokey grey and add an opulent touch to this luxurious café.

The project was completed by interior architect Ulrikke Buhl.

Lella Mozarella

This Frankfurt restaurant is inspired by summers in Italy. In marvelous sorroundings you enjoy delicious Italian cuisine.

Be dazzled by the Rowan pendants that beautifies the space from the ceiling and experience a revived design in the shape of our crystal carafes hanging by the bar. It's a space to imagine.

Restaurant Ajla

Restaurant Ajla is a delicious gourmet cafe in Dublin.

I'ts simply perfection - the Horizons in straight lines filling the horizon with their reflection in the mirror. There is a decadent but warm feeling, and the golden tones of light suit the cool, dark green interior.

A Kevin Kelly Interiors Project.

Java Café-Salon

The Swiss restaurant in Lausanne is described as having a cosy atmosphere and an original decoration style.

Look inside the restaurant and perceive a world of wallpaper and dynamic furniture. Our simple nordic-style Rowan is a divine match for this interior, and continiously placed in clusters throughout the space they bring excitement to this magnificient restaurant experience.

Styling by interior decorator Emmanuelle Diebold.

Brownie Chocolate Store

In Volograd you can enjoy coffee and sweet cakes at this refined chocolaterie that is decorated with abstract art.

With strong colours on the walls, pastel furniture and green plants the obsidian Rowans keep a calm atmosphere with their rather pale glass colour. 

Interior project by Russian based Enjoy Home

Feinkostkäfer Bavaria

Join the green scene and get back to nature at Feinkostkäfer Bavaria in Bayern.

The entrance area is filled with Horizons and glass and crystal Rowans - look up when you enter and see how the branches grow around the dazzling light filled pendants. It's like a forest floor in the ceiling.

Project by Raumkonzepte Peter Buchberger - Münich, Germany.

Comptoir Farouge

Need a break? Then step into Comptoir Farouge, the street level café in Stockmans, Finland.

The café is buzzing with life as well as light from clear Futura pendants at the counter. Dropping from the ceiling at each table are Rowan crystal lamps that succesfully complement the green interior and wallpaper.

Interior decoration by Restatop.

La Piazza

Dark and moodful lights glow with an encaptulating effect against the brick walls at La Piazza in Genk, Belgium.

The space is lit up by the decadent Lute. It's there, above each table, distributing a clear, bright light with a dark touch. The multipurposed glass pendants complement the wooden tables, the brick walls and the tiled floors with both beauty and function.

Decorated by interior designer Dimitry Schevenels - Dims interieur, Belgium.

Tom, Dick & Harry's

Tom, Dick & Harry's is a trendy restaurant and bar in Loughton, UK.

The interior of the place is a combination of lively pieces in many colours. Hanging by the bar are our Pillar pendants that take pride of place, while they add a touch of chic elegance to the atmosphere. 

Micro brasserie Seguin Sound

This bar restaurant located just outside of Paris succesfully entangle elegant and classic pieces of furniture with a more industrial-inspirered style.

The raw presence of the visible pipes, the plain white tiles and the colourful chairs are all complemented by the golden tones of the coloured glass in the Horizon lamp. It effortsly results in a space where you desire to spend many hours.

Architect: Ozgen design studio - Koray Ozgen

RIHAB restaurant projects

The RIHAB team has created warm and welcoming atmospheres where you can enjoy quite chats and lovely meals. Make your way by Invito or Runt Hørnet in Sweden to experience the lavish yet subtle atmospheres.

Take a seat near the windows at Invito and experience the elegant light as well as the soft colours streaming from the Futura glass pendants. Hang out at the corner tables at Runt Hørnet and sense the many pieces of interior behind you - lit up by Glow in a Dome and SPEAK UP! table lamps.

Projects by Rihab, Sweden.

Restaurant "Le Bistrot de nos Terroirs"

This french bistro is located near La Mézière in the Western part of France.

Look at how the powerful red wall seriously encaptulates the effect of the sparkling crystal pendants Smykke and Rowan. Or direct your glance towards the brick wall and get a feel for crystal in the shape of Rowan wall lamps. This space is warm and cosy and represent the many yet suiting styles in the entire space.

Project by CONTRASTE Architectes d'intérieur.