One Twenty Club Wembley

Copyright © 2018 Photographer Adrian Lambert. All Rights Reserved.

This most prestigous club in Wembley's history with it's only 120 members was redesigned in 2017. Traditional hospitality design has been taken to an entirely new level. A mix of general and decorative lighting is used to achieve the 'one of a kind' experience.

Here at Ebb & Flow we are proud that our Lute pendant is a part of the exclusive lounge. The Lute pendant was used in five different colours: topaz blue, chestnut brown, blue, green, and smokey grey.

The lounge was redesigned by KSS; a UK-based architecture and design company.

Private waiting room

Forget yourself while waiting in this delightful oasis. The room is intriguing as white walls are intensified with glowing interior, vibrant wallpaper and earthy, warm coloured lamps.

The Lutes in golden smoke and chestnut brown playfully dazzle from the ceiling, and despite somewhat bright colours the area seem to possess a calming influence. 

Styling by interior decorator Emmanuelle Diebold, based in Lausanne - Switzerland

St. Petrus Church

Welcome inside the marvelous St. Petrus Church. This is a place where traditional and modern meets. The XL sized Lute pendants were used to keep uniformity with the glass pendants used in the restaurant area of the church. 

This space is tall, bright and full of charm. There are three Lute pendants in blue, transparent glass and copper metal. They add a sense of modernity that functions well with the traditional white wall, the bricks and the wooden elements in the church. 

A project by POP Light.