Altstadthotels - Restaurant "1959"

1959 is the name of the new restaurant in Altstadthotels, Burghausen in Germany. 

The restaurant is modern but has kept many of its classic and historical details. The Smykke pendants add an elegant and luxurious touch to the interior of the restaurant as they offer a contrast to the rustic environment. 

Hotel Terminus Nord Paris

This cosy hotel restaurant, located in the heart of Paris, really captures the essence of a chic, global style. With lively interior, beautiful paintings and shiny lighting, the space brings together many nuances and styles from different times and parts of the world.

Project by: DREIMETA

Photography by: Steve Herud Berlin

Hotel & Spa Ginkgo

This French hotel in the city Quimper is filled with both classic and modern objects.

Our new line of fabric tablelamps decorates the rooms - blending in with detailed wallpaper and infusing life, elegance and dramatic colours into every space.

Crystal pendants are adapted to a more minimalist style in other hotel areas, and the Futura pendant adds a warm feeling of joy.


Château de Nointel

Enter the 17th century at Château de Nointel outside Paris. The place possess an elegant yet cosy atmosphere that will leave you wanting more. You will find peace and quiet and the hotel is ideal for a getaway or a business meeting. 

The decor is simple and clearly complements the old, tall windows and the wooden walls and floors. In the rooms you will be met with lively table lamps by the bed. These ad a sense of luxury with their sparkling glass and colourful fabric shades. 

Lindner Hotels, Antwerpen

The lovely restaurant area in this Antwerpen hotel is beautifully decorated with warm obsidian pendant lamps. The Horizon and Lute pendants are placed above each table creating both atmosphere, warm light and esthetics. 

The space is tall and open, but still made cosy and elegant by the touch of warm colours and soft interior. Looking out on the entire space, the warm, obsidian pendants are a perfect contrast to the cool, blue chairs.

Project by Moon Lighting Antwerp and Toomanyagencies 

Hotel Sonne Seuzach

Hotel Sonne Seuzach is located in the Swiss town Seuzach. It is a cosy, but modern styled hotel. 

Step into your room, and you are met with an exquisite source of illumination by the bedside. It's simply stylish the way the two displaced Lutes are hanging in the cosy corner. The golden metal infuses exclusivity into the space. 

EM Elektro-Material AG completed the project. 

Hotel Genovese Bonifacio

In the old, historical part of the French city Bonifacio you can discover a feeling of recreation and luxury.

Sleep beautifully and feel at home in this trending bedroom area - our dreamy Lute pendants hanging by the headboard creates a cosy feeling, and with Glow in a Dome by your bedside you are guarenteed a soft reading light.

Interior style by designer Magali Terzian

NYX Hotel Milan

Copyright © 2018 Leonardo Hotels. All Rights Reserved.

Located in Milan city center this lifestyle hotel is a place where you should expect the unexpected. All spaces are packed with vibrant designs, out of the ordinary elements and bold colours - it's a unique experience.

The elegant but edgy Pillar pendants suit and fulfill the interior setting with their opulent and decorative lighting effect.

Interior design by Neudahm Hotel Interior Design

Leonardo Hotels

Copyright © 2018 Leonardo Hotels. All Rights Reserved.

Leonardo Hotels is a chain of hotels located all over Europe and Israel. 

Oh, where to go? At the Madrid City Center Hotel, the elegant Pillar pendant's light unifies with golden seats and contrast the blue chairs and wall light. Simple glass Rowans contribute to a space of many colours in Amsterdam City Center restaurant. Detailed Futuras add completion to the lobby area, in the Warsaw Hotel, with their characteristic shapes and fresh looks.

Interior design by Neudahm Hotel Interior Design


Radisson Blu Limfjord Hotel

Right by the harbour in Aalborg is this idyllic hotel. With its central location, casino and restaurant it's a place that provides a setting for many memorable occasions.

The interior mood is set with a modern, nordic style that includes the Ebb and Flow designs Futura, Lute, Pillar and unique crystal pendants. The warm nuances of light create a welcoming atmosphere.