Shade of honey

This stylish 184 m2 apartment in Kiev contain several rooms. The bathroom is beautiful in all of its shapes. From floor to ceiling there is a stunning element to look at. Crystal Futura with gold and silver fittings are both such beauty objects as well as a source of light in the room. 

The hand-carved Crystal shades are placed to represent a transition between kitchen and living room. The lights, though, also unify the two rooms. As they are a source of light in the kitchen, but also pieces of art to glance at from the living room. 

The bedroom colours are bright, yet calming. Four small Futura pendants hang by the bed, two on each side. Obsidian and golden smoke. Forest green and Deep blue. It's like a sweet forest.

Project by Architect Natalia Oleksienko, “Evolutionary Architecture” bureau

Villa sunrise

This Ukranian dream home is decorated with a nordic sense of style, rustic elements and beautiful lighting. The living room corner catches the attention of the eye with a cluster of offset Lute pendants. By their simple yet detailed shape they become a part of the exciting decor in the room.

The bedroom is a spectrum for different materials such as wood, linen, brick and glass. All elements contribute to the calm and peaceful mood in the room. A large glass Rowan lights up the space from the top of the ceiling, while a Pillar pendant dangles by the bed - almost sending a therapeutic wype.

Architect Natalia Oleksienko, “Evolutionary Architecture” bureau.

Should we call it dream kitchen?

A bright but warm light is shed by impressive crystal pendants in this stylish kitchen. Kitchen trends change all the time, but these clear crystals have a timeless appearence, and at the same time complement the modernity of the kitchen with their classic, noble look. 

The reflection effect created by the mirror infuses life into the space, and opens up the room. 

A private project by Raumkonzepte Peter Buchberger - Münich, Germany.

A little piece of heaven

In the home of interior designer Angela Colley is a bright and clean kitchen space with few touches of colour and detail, but these are one's that are make the space worth wild. 

From anywhere in the room you can appreciate the elegant Lute pendant. Three pieces hanging above the centered kitchen table can illuminate the whole room. 

Project by Georgie Rose Interior Design, Cheltenham, UK.

A colourful living space

It is a space you want to live in, this stunning Surrey home. With a mix of bold and peaceful colours a sense of stylish peace is fulfilled.

Rowans decorate both kitchen and living area, placed either separately or in clusters, the glow of light fills the space, and adds a sense of completeness. In line with the vibrant living area differently sized pendants are placed in shifting positions and become a point of focus.

Project in a new build house by Lindi Reynolds Interior Design - Surrey, UK.

Lights in the night

It's a sky of lights - seven pendants dripping down from the ceiling, in different sizes and shapes, but all in glass and dynamic colours such as obsidian, golden smoke and blue. We call them Lute, Rowan and Horizon.

The solution of light offers an eye-catching piece of art that fills the room all the way up to the dark ceiling - it's a dreamy feeling.

Korage Interieur from Belgium styled this space in a private residence.

A Georgeous Buzz

Some say 'white works' but we believe in adding bright colours to plain spaces - this project is a great example. Threefold in a straight line the obsidian coloured glass Rowans create a georgous buzz in this white kitchen.

Coupled with the beautiful marble table, the lights gain a luxurious appearance that fills the entire kitchen and dining area. There's an exciting atmosphere.

Kitchen design, installation and styling by Betts Interiors, UK.

Warm tones of light

There's lots of light. Just take a look at the cluster effect and how the Lutes as well as glass and crystal Rowans become a decorative focal point while streaming different light out in this lovely home.

Take a seat at the wooden dinnertable and sense the warm atmosphere, or spend cozy evenings with more dimmed light from Glow in a Dome and Speak UP! tablelamps. 

This home project was completed by Korage Interieur, Belgium.

An Immersion to Remember

Step into a place of unexpected colour combinations, have a seat at the dinnertable and immerse yourself into the lively feather wallpaper.

The remaining walls are dark and cold, but accompanied by bright interior. The copper-striped Rowan hangs above the middle of the table and infuses its simple, clear style into the space. The copper stripe complements both walls, chairs and table. It is doubtless that you will remember a unique home as this.

The space was styled by Purejoy Interior Design, Belgium.

It's all about the staircase

Two different homes, two different lamps - same lighting effect. The essence of these home projects is to combine functional and decorative lighting into one solution. Staircase lighting is a must, so why not turn it into a point of beauty in your home?

The perfume bottle inspired Lutes are like heavy drops of rain spread across the two separated floors.The Rowans are quite a sight - a blend of obsidian and blue reinvigorates the white staircase.

UK based Lumison Lighting Design Solutions installed lighting in both homes.

An open plan bright beauty

There is plenty of natural lighting in this classic kitchen. But try to imagine late evenings, cooking or hanging out in the kitchen, and seeing the light from Pillar pendants fill the room.

The shape and the metallic colour of the copper striped Pillars is a deviation that adds an elegant touch to the otherwise sweet and natural colours in this space.

Interior project by Enjoy Home, Russia.

A trip down memory lane..

From old and rustic to new and elegant. This lovely room reflects our journey from Who found Otto to EBB & FLOW. The beautiful closet which is a Who found Otto piece complements the Pillar design beautifully. 

This home reflect the simple effect of both Pillar and Rowan, showcasing how both pendants - Pillar individually and Rowan in a pair - can function as stunning yet straightforward dinnertable lights.

A fascination with light

Step into a home that is shaped by aesthetics, a fascination with light and a sensitivity towards contrasts and handcraft. The lights are placed to arouse emotions, surprise and astonish. Putting everyone that enters the home on an emotional journey. Smykke, Horizon and Rowan pendants interplay perfectly above the dinnertable, and the wild teal lamp shades fit right into the decor. 

Project by interior designer Emma Feat - an artist by heart. It was her taste for functional and beautiful objects, shaped by expert hands with know-how and respect to traditions that inspired her to start creating in her turn. - Instagram: @emmafeat