Extraordinary colours of the spring

Warm and bright

Step into a luxurious world of light and make your home stand out with bright though calming colours.

This new line of beautifully crafted fabric lamp shades is perfectly suited for spring with its range of botanical patterns, dramatic brocades, fern leaves, and branches

The warm colours can match any item in your home, and both velvet and linen pieces will add a sense of exclusivity to your space. 

With a Lute table lamp base in glass, a significant contrast to the colourful fabric is set with the Lute lamp's stunning and detailed simplicity. 

Cool and calm

Create a calm feeling in your home with cool spring colours.

The many colours of this collection are meant to inspire you, light up our home, and bring satisfaction to your decoration style. 

Cool colours will blend right into any type of home, and are easily combined with similar colours. The branches and fern leaves will provide you with a sense of nature, without seeming tough. 

The Futura base lamp is not an ordinary lamp. All the round shapes cohere with the solid lamp shade. Silver or crystal finish on the futura lamp can be perfectly combined with these bluish and cool colours. 

Dramatic and simple

Mix and match as you like - combining a dramatic lamp shade with a rather simple lamp base in an opposite colour can provide you with an unexpected, but pleasant result. 

The range of different coloured lamp shades gives you the opportunity to set your own look, whether that be classic, modern, or retro inspired. 

We have opened up a lush and luxurious world of possibilities that could be perfect for your home or next decoration project - we leave the choice up to you. 

The pillar base lamp has a classic look and can with its distinctiveness complement the dramatic textured lamp shades, as well as add edge to the simple, one-coloured lamp shades.