A crystal clear dream wedding

The Portuguese company Solar Da Levada arranges beautiful weddings that are out of this world.

These images are from a recent wedding event where Rowan crystal pendants were hung beautifully above each table. Their raw but refined beauty added a sense of something both natural, shining and luxuruious to this elegant wedding space. The atmosphere was purely magical.

Project by wedding company Solar Da Levada, Portugal.

Küchenmesse Budapest

Beautiful highlights of the Küchenmesse in Budapest 2018. Our client used Lute pendants, Futura pendants and Smykke pendants to light up the stunning furniture in the exhibition hall. 

Wohnbühn Anninger - Wohnen und interieur

Spring feeling with Lute, Rowan and Horizon pendants at Wohnbühne anninger's stand at Wohnen und Interieur 2019 in Vienna.