Captivated by colour and illumination

The three lutes

Sense the dazzling impression of the three Lutes.

Our Lute pendant collection is an elegant reboot of impressive perfume bottles and the ancient musical instrument. Three spectacular sizes are all shaped with a round base, slimming at the top, and extended with a metallic coloured top that completes the exterior style of the Lute. 

The absolute key feature is its metal pipe coming through the top and really accentuating the design of the Lute.  

Achieve the 'casting a spell' effect in your decoration by incorporating all three pendant sizes into one space. 

The illuminating factor

Gaze upon eyecatching light that brilliantly illuminates your surroundings. 

With its distinctive shape the Lute encapsulates and distribute light in a subtle though enchanting manner, and it is as intense as it looks. 

This light effect is suitable for any space, but significantly intended for a wide or tall environment. 

The Lute is an obvious statement lamp that attracts attention whether it is simply placed individually or clustered as a stunning constellation.


The Captivating Effect of colours

Catching attention with colourful statement lighting.

The green Lute imposes a delicate and fresh nuance on its surroundings. A fashionable blue lights up a simple decoration style. Portraying the design in golden smoke coloured glass lays emphasis on the timelessness of the Lute. 

Available in a wide palette of colours the Lute collection enhances every possibility of a captivating effect. 

The Lute is finished by a gold, platinum, or bronze coloured metallic top that gives you that final, exclusive touch to your light experience.