A taste of crystal

Sophisticated shape

Get a feel of completeness with our roundly shaped crystal pendants. 

The Rowan crystal collection is an addition to the Rowan glass collection that contains a multitude of sizes and colours. All are in a sophisticated shape with either stripe or check patterns that are handmade. 

The impressive patterns of the crystals bring more detail to the otherwise simple Rowan collection. Combined with glass lamps a contrast is set where you really notice the stunning carvings in the crystal. 

Sense the classic, luxurious appearance achieved with gold fittings on your crystal pendant.


Endless combinations

Release your inner creativity and mix between our collections. 

The Rowan crystal pendants are suitable for many occasions and spaces. Combining these transparent lamps with muted glass colours, such as smokey grey and olive, will infuse your space with a warm and authentic atmosphere.

In combining collections, the different sizes of Rowan and Horizon glass pendants are relevant choices in achieving a perfect look for your crystal pendant. 

The handcrafted crystals are stylishly set with silver fittings that complete the surface appeal. 

A taste of crystal

Take a sip of our crystal pendants and have your mind blown by their intense clarity. 

The crystal carafes tell a story, as they are inspired by real, old crystal carafes. They are meant to intensify your lighting experience and effect your imagination. 

Gazing at our noble crystal pendant lamps, we guarantee that you will imagine spoiling you home with the various shapes and sizes entailed in this collection. Decorating, dark or colourful walls or furniture will make your crystal pendants stand out. 

A cluster of crystal pendants will beautify most spaces, above the dinner table, or in a corner - supplying each pendant with a different length enhances the edgy look.