A natural and colourful Horizon

Light in the colourful horizon

The Horizon collection is about renewal and thinking differently - and choosing to let colours and wonderful shapes into your decoration style.

The shape of the Horizon is its most distinctive feature. Being in the sphere of contemporary lighting, we have attempted to shed a different light on the design process and create a product that will stand out.

Lighting is utilised when creating certain atmospheres, which is at the heart of all of our design processes. With Horizon there are many options for doing so. Obsidian is able to enhance a sweet and warm atmosphere. 


The deep blue sea

With its wide shape and shallow height, Horizon invites you to look far and gaze into the unknown. All our lights are mouth-blown and finished by hand in Denmark, and Horizon is no exception.

Coupling different light sources in one space is something we have always embraced. With a variety of colours and sizes the Horizon is very compatible with our other collections.

A sea of colours is presented in this new collection. Dive in and you will discover wonderful nuances. Deep blue is meant to refresh any space, even in its smallest size it will make a big impression. 


A light of nature

Get back to nature with chestnut brown and join the green scene with a stylish olive or forest green. It will change your decoration style dramatically.

Available in 4 sizes and 9 colours from cool clear, grey and blues to warm golden browns and greens. Horizon is fitted with brass or silver metal fittings and gold or silver fabric wire.

The model imposes on its environment a vibrant splash of colour that will liven up the room. Have you ever dreamed of a space packed with light and colour?